About Brian

homeBrian Wilkinson is an emerging voice talent with a deep resonant voice that commands authority yet is endlessly listenable. Brian comes to the microphone after decades of successful managerial experience. The phrases that most often come up when describing Brian’s work are; excellent communicator, detailed multi-tasker and efficient professional.

Most notably Brian increased gross sales by 50% in his position as Beer and Wine Merchandising Supervisor for Market Basket by utilizing his keen knowledge of craft brews and fine wine. Brian is available for consulting if you need an expert to assist you or your company with catering and entertaining.

brian-casualBrian’s husband and circle of friends are active and celebrated performers who have encouraged Brian to put his booming voice, lively personality and innate skill sets to use. It’s working and so is he! Brian is available for a variety of voiceover work including Commercials, Imaging, Narration, E-Learning and Telephony.

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